For many, a marathon is seen as an almost impossible feat of endurance.  Lowri, however goes one step further.  She is a world-class extreme endurance runner, having waded through murky swamps and rivers teeming with piranhas in the Amazon and then ploughing through blizzards and biting icy winds to complete the notoriously tough 6633 Ultra in the Arctic.

In every extreme challenge she has suffered vivid hallucinations, loneliness and crippling pain, yet Lowri’s passion for pushing boundaries and finding new ones is far stronger than any discomfort or mental torment she has struggled through. She pushes her body to the limit. 




Aged 19, Lowri suffered a debilitating injury that threatened her sporting career and was told she would never be able to run again. She defied doctors’ orders stepping up her regime and ultimately receiving national honours in both Cross Country and in Rugby.

By now she has completed 9 official marathons, 2 Ironman competitions, The Ring O’Fire, a 135-mile ultra-marathon nature around the Isle of Anglesey, and two of the toughest footraces on the planet. In 2009, she faced nature at its wildest in the Jungle Ultra marathon, a 140-mile event in the Brazilian Amazon. Out of 150 runners, only 50 completed the course. Lowri was 10th overall.  She then went on to compete in one of the most respected extreme ultra marathons, the 6633 Arctic Ultra.   She successfully completed the notorious, 350 mile non-stop footrace to become the only person to cross the finish line that year and only the 2nd female and a handful of athletes to have ever completed the race.

After the birth of her son in 2015, Lowri returned to racing in endurance events and joined an all-female crew to compete in the Three Peaks Yacht Race – one of the oldest and most remarkable multi-sport endurance races in the world. After five days of sailing 389 nautical miles, climbing 11,000 feet and running 73 miles, the crew of 5 athletes become the first all female team in the history of the Three Peaks Yacht Race to take line honours.

After completing extreme endurance challenges in some of the planet’s harshest environments, Lowri Morgan decided to stay in Wales to test her limits in 2016. With 2016 being Wales Year of Adventure, and Lowri being one of it’s ambassadors, she went on to complete three 50 mile ultra-marathons in three days, taking her from Snowdonia to the Brecon Beacons via three of Wales’ most iconic and the country’s highest peaks.

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