Having a baby clearly wasn’t going to stop Lowri and her high level of activity

After running 30 miles a week until the day before her son was born, Lowri resumed  training and preparation for a return to racing very soon after giving birth.  Within three weeks she was back running.

However, it wasn’t all easy.  There were days when she’d struggle to complete even a mile run and the frustration of struggling to put one foot in front of another was overwhelming.  She’d walk back home with a very heavy heart but would then remind myself that she was stronger, faster and better than the day before.

Getting out to run during those first few weeks and months helped her regain a sense of  “normality” and when her son was strong enough to be able to hold his head Lowri ordered a running buggy.

By now some of her favourite runs included her son and Nel the dog. 

When her little boy was a year old Lowri started racing again, gaining podiums and top 5 places overall in endurance races.   It is at this point that she raced The Three Peaks Yacht Race with a group of 5 female athletes and became the first all female crew to complete and take line honours. 

Juggling her responsibilities with her training is a delicate balance.  Lowri’s “free” time is limited. Fitting in the training around her son was her priority.  She no longer has the luxury of running whenever and however far she likes. Now each mile has to count. She has been forced to get smarter with the training and is no longer able to waste time running “empty” miles. Now, every run has a purpose. When she leaves the house, that run matters to Lowri and her goals.

Mornings start at 4.30am and she has to make it happen. Yes, there are many sleepless nights but she has learnt to appreciate the early morning runs even on just 5 hours of sleep.  Lowri gets up early in the morning to run a marathon before many people get out of bed. 

If she’s not working away, or working from home, she’s often seen running with the dog and pushing the pram and her son around the parks, which always makes her smile! 

Training each day/week/month is so unpredictable when you’re juggling a busy lifestyle but this is what keeps Lowri on her toes, keeping at it and never giving up.

Lowri welcomes the opportunity, one day, to be able to tell her little boy that she was training for the best race of her life while also embracing parenthood.

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