One of S4Cs most aventurous presenters and broadcasters.

Having over 20 years experience of broadcasting, Lowri Morgan has become one of our most warm-hearted and natural broadcasters.  Her face is a familiar feature in  adventure documentaries which follow her competing in some of the toughest endurance races in the World; we have seen her living with indigenous tribes and we have seen her diving two and half miles down to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to visit the wreck of Titanic. 

As a result she has gained international success, awards and accolades such as Best Presenter and Producer (BAFTA Cymru), the Spirit of the Festival Award (Celtic Media Festival), and winner of the Media Category (National Adventure Awards). 

She not only presents adventure documentaries but is also familiar to audiences of  BBC Sport (TV and Radio), ITV, Channel 4 and S4C.  Lowri has worked on a variety of sporting events including the Pro 12, International and Premiership Rugby, International Athletics, Marathon and Ironman races whilst also presenting 2 ‘Helimeds’ series.

Lowri’s journey into television was unplanned. Starting her career as children’s wraparound presenter on S4C she moved on to the channel’s youth magazine weekly show and it was on this show that she gained the reputation as the adrenalin presenter. During the five years on the show, Lowri presented over 1200 hours of live TV.

The music graduate with diverse and varied interests has found herself presenting an eclectic mix of programmes.  They’ve featured travel, adventure, sport and music documentaries including the once-in-a-lifetime experience of presenting two 1 hour-long documentaries following her journey to the site of the Titanic, seeing her become one of only 100 people to have dived in to the depths of the ocean to see the wreck of the vessel.  

Other credits include presenter of Ralïo+ (translation: Rallying+) which followed the World Rally Championship and British Rally Championship along with the notable Ras yn Erbyn Amser’ (Race Against Time), presented, researched and produced by Lowri – a four part series following preparation and racing for one of the toughest and most extreme Ultra endurance challenges in the World in the heat and humidity of the Amazon jungle.  This production gained the prestigious ‘Spirit of the Festival’ Award (Celtic Media Festival) for its outstanding quality. 

The cameras continued their journey with Lowri as she pushed her boundaries in preparation for the 6633 ultra marathon – one of the toughest challenges on the planet. In the freezing Arctic setting, competitors are pushed to their physical and mental limits as they strive to complete the 350-mile endurance in only eight days. After 174 hours and 8 minutes and having spent the last 3 days of the

race competing against the elements and freezing conditions alone, Lowri was the sole finisher of the 2011 6633 Ultra Marathon and became only a handful of athletes to cross the finish line.  The second series, again produced by Lowri, based on her adventure in the Arctic Circle in Canada received international recognition and was nominated for 4 BAFTA Cymru awards, eventually winning Best Presenter and Best Documentary.  Lowri also received honours by winning the media category in the prestigious National Adventurer awards following the success of the 350 mile non-stop 6633ultra. 

Over the last 6 years, Lowri has travelled the world with tribes and indigenous people in Morocco, Namibia, China, Mexico, Peru for S4C, National Geographic and international broadcasters, as well as joining the Wales Air Ambulance for 2 years for ITV.  However, Wales was the location for her most recent adventure for TV in a 4 part series called the 333.   The challenge coincided with Wales’ Year of Adventure during which Lowri proudly played her role as ambassador.   During this adventure Lowri succeeded to complete three ultra-marathons, 150 miles in three days, taking her from the foot of Snowdon and down along the country’s highest peaks. It was a World First and in so doing set a Fastest Known Time.

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